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After Republicans blocked a bipartisan border security aimed at easing record-high illegal crossings, Democrats are preparing to go on the offense regarding immigration. In a Senate meeting last week, key administration officials as well as Democratic lawmakers discussed actions that would include forcing votes that Republicans would oppose. Many of the topics discussed were largely focused on immigration.

The discussion was aimed to align Democrats on a specific issue that the party can capitalize off for the upcoming Presidential Election. “Democrats have made clear that the situation at the border is unacceptable,” Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the United States Senate said in a statement. "That’s why we worked in a bipartisan fashion to craft the strongest border security bill in a generation, endorsed by the border patrol union."

Schumer blamed former President Donald Trump, a Republican for the deal's falling apart and said: "Republicans need to get serious about fixing the border and ignore Donald Trump. After all, you can’t say it’s an emergency and then refuse to take action."

And thus, the Biden administration would finally launch a “yet-to-be-determined” executive actions that has been privately discussed for months. According to another article by NBC News, the Biden administration is considering taking unilateral action without Congress to make it harder for migrants to pass the initial screen for asylum, at the US and Mexico border as well as to deport recently arrived migrants who don’t meet the criteria.

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