Tens of thousands of Dreamers covered by DACA

Tens of thousands of Dreamers covered by DACA will start to participate in health care privileges designated by Obamacare beginning in November. This will affect more than half a million people. These people were unqualified for national health insurance programs before despite having been allowed to work in the US lawfully.

President Biden acknowledging DACA recipients(Dreamers) is a very big step. Recognizing that Dreamers contribute much to this country and saying that access to fair healthcare is inevitable. This is mostly in response to persistent lobbying and legal battles over DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), the move is seen as a way of allowing around 100 thousand persons without insurance to get medical cover. Such ruling signifies a major turnabout concerning health policy for undocumented migrants who are key but invisible players within America’s healthcare system.

This is a step in a positive light that acknowledges not only the immense impact DACA recipients have had on society but also their welfare deficiency where they struggle to even get medical care. By giving health care to dreamers, the state supports a population at risk and encourages public wellness and social justice. This decision further shows the U.S.’s commitment to proving that healthcare is for all.

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