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The Biden administration is on the look for a new point guard on border issues, with plans to bring in the Department of Homeland Security's Blas Nuñez-Neto. President Biden’s ability to respond to what has become one of his most vulnerable election issues has been damaged due to a lack of ownership among senior White House officials on the border. Nuñez-Neto has been closely involved with border issues as assistant secretary for border and immigration policy at DHS.

It's the second border related move involving White House personnel in recent months, after years of the administration struggling to get a handle on an increasing level of migration. Voters continue to rank illegal immigration as a top concern heading into the upcoming election. The move comes as Biden's administration considers executive actions on immigration and the border.

More and more Americans named immigration before any other issue as the "most important" problem facing the country. Nuñez-Neto is expected to join deputy chief of staff Natalie Quillian's team rather than the Domestic Policy Council (DPC) or National Security Council (NSC), which largely took the lead on the border issue for the first years of the Biden administration.

"We are looking forward to DHS Assistant Secretary Blas Nuñez-Neto joining the White House and continuing his work implementing the Administration's vision across the border security and immigration spaces," White House Spokesperson Angelo Fernández Hernández stated.

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