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The White House has announced that President Biden is working on plans for a U.S.-Mexico crackdown that would shut off asylum request and deny entrance into the U.S. for migrants as soon as the American border exceed its newly established daily threshold of encounters. It is expected that President Biden will sign an executive order as early as Tuesday.

Thanks to an increase-effort on the Mexican government, the number of illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border has been declining these past few months. Though, immigration related problems still remain of the highest concern in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election in November. As the election is starting to close in, President Biden is being pressured by not only the general public to make action regarding immigration issues.

The Biden administration has been taking steps in the recent weeks in order to discourage migration and speed up the asylum processes. Without help from Congress, these are the only steps President Biden can take by himself. The Democratic administration would continue to try and prevent any potential spike in migration in order to draw in more votes for the upcoming fall election.

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