Biden’s New Executive Order for Asylum

The White House has told lawmakers that President Joe Bide is in plans to sign off on an executive order that would effectively shut down asylum requests in the U.S. - Mexico border, once the average number of daily encounters hits 2500 between the ports of entry. They would only reopen the border once that number declines to 1500 according to several people in similar discussions.

This is shocking news as this means this executive order could take place at any time since the daily average is higher than 2500. Trade is expected to continue as usual. The 1500 threshold required for the border reopening seems like something that would be insanely difficult to reach. The last time the number had reached somewhere as low as 1500 encounters as the daily average was in July 2020, which is the peak of the COVID pandemic.

President Joe Biden plans to unveil the most aggressive move to control the numbers at the border, on Tuesday at an event at which border mayors have been invited.

For Biden’s executive order, the White House seems to be adopting some policies almost directly from the bipartisan Senate border deal, such as the idea of limiting the asylum requests once the encounter hits a certain number.

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