Speaker Mike Johnson is preparing Republicans

Speaker Mike Johnson is preparing Republicans for a significant legislative push. With hopes of gaining unified control of the government in November. Johnson has been in frequent talks with Donald Trump about creating a legacy defining legislative package early into Donald Trump’s second term.

Johnson has emphasized learning from past mistakes, stating that in 2017-2018 Republicans tackled health care and tax reform separately. He hopes this time around to aim for a broader approach, especially since the Tax Cuts and Job Acts will expire in 2025.

The primary focus of this new legislative package will be individual tax cuts, new border security measures, and promoting energy production. Johnson has been coordinating with up to 9 committee chairs to prepare this transformative legislative package.

Johnson is focusing on communication and coordination within his own party to build consensus. He is hoping Republicans can move past any kind of internal conflict and allow themselves to seize this new upcoming policy opportunity.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has also highlighted early preparations for reconciliation. With the stakes high for the 2024 race, the GOP’s ability to be able to handle the internal conflicts and legislative challenges will be the most important thing to keep track of.

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