The Immigration Act of 1924, 100 Years

The Immigration Act of 1924 is 100 years old now. This Act is still shaping immigration politics to this very day. The Immigration Act of 1924 placed official limints on the number of immigrants allowed to enter the U.S. every year. It also placed individual quotas by the person’s country of origin.

Immigration attorney Mo Goldman, believes this was a reaction to an anti immigrant period of U.S. history that will repeat itself today. "You know, the immigrants are going to be coming here to take jobs and they’re going to damage our systems because they’re going to become public charges. It’s the same mentality that was going on 100 years ago,"

He has also gone on to say "Time and again, the different restrictions that are in place are more of a problem for the United States because we have a much higher demand than visas available,". Further adding "The demand is extremely high, the quota is way too low. And at the end of the day, it forces businesses to look at alternatives."

He also stated that the only way to revise the immigration system long-term is through congressional action.
"What you end up having is a larger population of undocumented immigrants, because the demand is so high because they need to get people here to fill these positions, and people want to come here. But if you aren't going to have legal paths, this is the end result," Goldman said.

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