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A federal judge in Florida has temporarily blocked a part of a controversial state law targeting the transportation of migrants. This comes as the Biden administration was preparing for the end of the Title 42 public health order. The provision targeted by the judge had been designed to block DHS from preempting state authority—specifically, to avoid what the state fears would make the situation worse, both by relieving the burden of costs and social problems.

The ruling by Judge Wetherell is the latest step in this legal battle between Florida and the U.S. government. The judge has ruled in favor of Florida under Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, stopping the Biden administration from paroling migrants entering the southern border, which was preparing to replace the expiring Title 42. The decision within a case filed in the wake of one previously by Florida asserts action taken by the administration in dealing with the crisis over the influx of migrants was illegal.

The Biden administration argued that changes in policy were necessary to manage the anticipated surge in the number of arrivals at the border. The court has just made out that the new policy is like an old one that was under court judgment, which declared it unconstitutional and therefore imposed a temporary restraining order. An injunction hearing is set for May 19 to hear the matter further. The order has drawn strong flavor in the debate over states' rights versus federal control of border security and migrant processing.

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