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For tackling the current situation happening on the southern borders of America, the bipartisan border security bill that had previously been dropped by the Senate Democrats has been brought up. This statute contains clauses that seek to increase the quantity of family oriented and occupation-directed immigration permits, permit spouses of American nationals awaiting visas to perform legally paid jobs as well as guarantee legal representation for minors who are refugees during deportation cases. As an extra, this law offers employment documents to individuals entitled for refuge.

Though attempts have been made to reach a consensus, the political arena is becoming more divided. Former President Donald Trump along with his allies have made very strong objections against the bill because they believe that it could reduce their chances of winning the elections through their strong stands on the borders. Consequently, many Senators affiliated with the GOP have since withdrawn their backing leading to an intricate path for this bill to be enacted; while some GOP members have also misrepresented what this proposed legislation entails: the consequence being additional hurdles.

The bill has received backing from Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell who reiterated the importance of providing continued assistance to Ukraine while calling upon the Senate to act responsibly all the same opposing it are several Republicans who have been influenced by Trump. House speaker Mike Johnson on the other hand has come up with two distinct different funding mechanisms each meant for Israel and another one dedicated exclusively for Ukraine save for its border security component thus further complicating inter-party talks.

The immigrant rights groups have rejected the current bill for it will cause more family separations, detentions, and deportations but called on the White House and Senate Democrats to stop the current framework and propose a more humanistic and efficient immigration system. The continued disagreement is an indication of how difficult it could be to address issues relating to border security and immigration reform, especially when there is much polarization in politics.

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