Employer Worries About The Immigration Election

Trump is promising to deport millions, which could cause issues to employers. Employers have for a long time tried to fill their labor needs through immigration reforms, but Congress remains in a deadlock on this issue.

The American Business Immigration Coalition joined by many employers, federal lawmakers, local official and advocates, are requesting Joe Biden to provide more work permits to long-term undocumented residents. The groups have also held multiple news conferences and rallies over the year to try and bring more attention to this issue.

The Coalition argues that more can be done through executive action under current law, including by expanding work permits to spouse’s of U.S. citizens. Similar actions taken by Biden, Trump and Obama, have all caused lawsuits.

The coming election is adding urgency to the coalition’s plea. With Trump having told Time magazine that he plans to deport millions of undocument immigrants if he wins in November. It’s a sortof campaign promise that is cause many worries to employers who depend on these immigrant workers. President Joe Biden is promising work permits to undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens and legal residents.

Both sides are taking very opposing sides on the immigration issue and this could lead to major changes in the immigration system depending on which one happens to take place after the election.

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