Cubans and Deportation

As covid-19 continues to affect the immigration system many Cubans continue to remain detained in ICE detention centers. Though many already have orders of removal, they continue to remain detained, which increases the risks of contracting covid. According to Immigration Impact, “This situation occurs because ICE refuses to release many immigrants, even when their countries of origin will not accept deportations”. Our immigration system needs to change; it is not safe for the individuals working there and individuals who are detained.

It is sad to think, that even during the pandemic, ICE has continued to deport immigrants. ICE continues to fail to help with the spread of the virus. Many of the individuals who are successfully sent back to their countries, have reported they have tested positive for covid 19.

This has proven, the United States does not take the proper protocols before sending immigrants back nor do they help prevent the spread while they are being detained.

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