4 Ways USCIS’ Proposed Fee Increase Fails to Solve the Agency’s Problems

Can raising the prices on applications stop immigration from occurring? The reason behind this all, is to prevent immigration fraud and to prevent more migration to the United States. In a recent article by Immigration Impact, states why this increase of fees could possibly be a downfall rather than a problem solver.

This action was suppose to help reduce the growing of applications. USCIS is required to review the fees every two years, however the percentage they want to increase it will be double the cost of what it is now. This will make it harder for individuals who are planning or who are already in the process of applying for their cases harder for their process to continue. But besides the fact that prices will go up, USCIS’s service has deteriorated and cases take longer to process.

Rather than being a good thing to increase fees it almost seems like it is a punishment to make it harder for individuals to file for their cases. It needs to be taken into consideration the fact that many are not financially capable to pay for these fees many do not have the means to this kind of money.

These changes that are being proposed are making it harder for people to access them and putting the immigration system in jeopardy. It is most likely that increasing the fees will not improve the backed up number of cases and will not solve the fundamental problems of the immigration system.

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