The Decade Ends with Another Death in Immigration Detention

It has always been a controversy when it comes to the conditions in which immigrant detainees are being held in and the lack of medical attention they receive. In a recent article by Immigration Impact, indicates the deaths that have occurred in detention centers at the end of 2019.

According to them, 2019 was the fiscal year of the most fatalities for immigrants held in custody; eight people died while in ICE custody while many children died in CBP custody. Many have died due to lack of medical attention which is an issue that has been debated in the past. Does the government care about the health and lives of these people; the government needs to take into the consideration the conditions in which these people are in, their health history, their mental stability and their families. It could almost seem as if though the government forgets immigrants come to the U.S in distress and many under stressful circumstances.

Many advocates, litigators and congress have criticized the failed action by the government to provide proper care for these individual when in custody. It became such and issue, that an investigation was opened to figure out the medical care in detention centers.

Nonetheless, the recognition of this issue and the fact that it is being address is a good thing however, as the number of immigrants who are detained becomes higher the more deaths there might be. Therefore, government needs to take the proper steps and measures to figure out a solution to this problem. We cannot continue to allow the deaths of innocent people for having the improper medical help.

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