Changes to Work Permit Eligibility Leave Asylum Seekers Without a Job

Those who come to the United States seeking help and protection should be allowed to work during the asylum process in order to make a living and support their families. When these individuals enter the country many are hopeless, under stress and in need of money. However, the Trump administration wants to issue a new regulation that will make the process harder for asylum applicants to receive their work permits in which makes asylees live in fear.

According to the article published by Immigration Impact, if this were to happen and the government decided to not give work permits to the asylees it would ban them from financial independence. Having to wait for their applications to process is already draining and causes individuals a lot of anxiety and stress and to also find out they could be deemed from work permits puts them in extra.

It almost seems as if the governments goal it to make the asylum seekers feel discouraged about working on top of making their process to stay in the United States harder and longer. If this regulation were to move forward, it is undeniably going against helping asylees because the main purpose of fleeing their homeland is to find a place where they feel protected and safe and can be financially stable. It is very upsetting to see that this is not being taken into consideration and government is disregarding the reasons why these individuals flee their homelands in the first place.

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