Immigration Judges In NYC Are Even Less Likely To Grant Asylum Now

Asylum seekers in the state of New York have always had a higher ability to obtain their asylum than in other states around the U.S. However, since the Trump administration came into office it has become a difficult process and they have irrefutably denied several applications.

In a recent article by Gothamist, there was new data collected claiming the increase of denial for asylum applications claiming in 2019 there were about 65,000 asylum cases that were filed and 71% of those cases were denied by immigration judges all throughout the nation. Though asylum cases had been denied even before Trump stepped into office; it has still put 2019 as the year of most denial for asylum applicants. During Trumps administration it is said more judges were hired to review asylum cases in which many were then denied. This proves how much the Trump Administration has influenced the immigration courts and their decisions. It also proves the judges are not independent enough to make their own decisions if they are easily influenced by the opinions if others.

Nonetheless, the government needs to take into consideration that majority of the individuals who are seeking asylum are being persecuted or being threatened by others in their home country. Courts and judges need to understand the necessity and the desperation that most asylee applicants are in and the reasons behind why they are fleeing their homeland.

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