US immigration officials bar doctors from giving flu shots to detained kids

In a recent article published by The Guardian, explains U.S immigration authorities prevented doctors from vaccinating migrant children who were detained. This, however, is an issue that causes the death of immigrant individuals who are behind bars.

Under no circumstances should the government allow this to happen, though these individuals are being held in custody it does not give the U.S the right to refuse proper health care to them an especially to children. The article explains CBP (Customs and Border Protection) refused to allow the doctors into a San Diego facility to vaccinate the children aware that there have been three recent deaths of migrant children who have died from the flu. This action has questioned whether the conditions in the detention centers are safe and follow proper guidelines and policies.

Licensed doctors say that it is more probable for children and adults to get sick when behind bars due to cold weather, being locked in with others who are already sick and without being vaccinated. This causes the flu epidemic to get worse especially when left unvaccinated. CBP argues that is not necessary for vaccinations to be given since they are not held in custody for over 72 hours in these detention centers. This is the reason why they decline flu clinics from giving out flu shots.

However, there have been government records that show other wise claiming migrants have been held in crowded conditions and held over 72 hours. CBP’s commissioner spoke and said they would try to figure out what was best and would take a better look at the issue.

Physicians see this as negligence and believe that regardless of the time they are being held in custody in detention centers these individuals should be administered proper health care.

Doctors consider this a major issue and so should the government, it is inhumane to deny vaccinations to individuals and should take into consideration the health of children.

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