USCIS and Backlogs

The immigration system has had many issues but since president Biden came into office he has tried to reverse many of the policies that were implemented by Trump administration. Though he has been able to reverse some already USCIS remains highly backlogged with many cases. According to an article recently posted by Immigration Impact, “Delays within U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have reached historic levels and some work permit applications are taking so long to process that thousands are losing their jobs. A new report from the American Immigration Council reveals how the Biden administration is responding to the bureaucratic barriers put in place by the Trump administration. Although progress has been made in reversing harmful policies, the report concludes that significant barriers to the legal immigration system remain”.

While Trump was president he made it extremely difficult for individuals to immigrate to the United States and now these policies are being dragged into the new Biden administration. USCIS has increased its waiting time by 61% in which is extremely long and frustrating to both the immigration system and the individual. Though president Biden has made a number of significant changes in the immigration system it is important he manages to reverse more policies.

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