Practice of “Notice by Installment”

At the beginning of each case, every person should have the right to know every single detail about his or her case. In a recent court ruling, the government denounced the practice of providing necessary information in multiple documents that usually may lead the person to miss court hearings. This is a big issue because many individuals that are not aware about their courts are then demanded to be deported back their countries. Though the government believes that they are doing their job by providing the information in a two-step process, there would be no reason for them to have to issue all the information at the beginning of the person’s process.

“In one case, the government issued a woman the first document telling her that she would have to appear before a court. But the document did not give a time and date for the hearing. Despite providing a proper mailing address, the woman never received the second document from the government telling her where and when to show up to court. Later she learned the government had scheduled the hearing without her knowledge and ordered her deported for not showing up”. This the reason why the government would like to have the information sent to the individual since the beginning of the case. This issue needs to be resolved so noncitizens are not constantly deported back without them knowing they have this order against them.

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