Trumps Unsuccessful Immigration halt

It has been said that now that Biden has won the elections, he will move to restore the Obama era that protects undocumented individuals from being deported if they were brought here as young children. Biden also plans to remove the travel bans that have gone into effect in recent months due to the pandemic.

It is alleged that Biden will also put a freeze on deportation order of individuals who do not have a criminal background. This is comes to major relief to many individuals. With so many changes the Trump Administration set on the immigration system, it is hard to think what the United States will be like with things going back to normality.

According to an article published by CBS News, “Mr. Biden's team is also planning to begin the process of terminating the "public charge" rules the Trump administration implemented to deny green cards and immigrant visas to applicants who U.S. officials determine rely — or could rely in the future — on government benefits like Medicaid, food stamps and Section 8 housing vouchers”. This will come to great relief to many; individuals come to this country in search of help and sometimes are in the need to ask for public benefits. However, when the Trump Administration implemented the public charge rule it prevented many people from being eligible to apply for their green cards/ citizenship.

Many are now put at ease and are hopeful our new president will help make the United States a safe place for all.

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