Travel Bans

The travel ban that Trump Administration implemented changed the lives of many individuals. Before Trump left office, he expanded this ban to several other countries. The ban, according to Trump, was suppose o help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and limit the amount of individuals from entering the United States. However, to the entire world this has proven to simply destroy the lives of families. The ban has singled out the immigrant family members of US citizens, which is one of the main reason why spouses and children have been separated from one another.

According to a recent article published by Immigration Impact, “The ban has had a devastating impact on many of these families. Couples have been forced to live apart, parents have been separated from their own children, and some Americans have chosen to move to war-ravaged countries rather than remain separated from their loved ones”. With a new president now in office, individuals are hoping to reverse this ban and reconsider an appeal to stop it. Though the initial intent was to create this ban for security purposes, it has only caused damage our country and families.

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