Special immigrant status for certain G–4 nonimmigrants

(a)Application. An application for adjustment to special immigrant status under section 101(a)(27)(I) of the INA shall be made on Form I–485. The application date of the I–485 shall be the date of acceptance by the Service as properly filed. If the application date is other than the fee receipt date it must be noted and initialed by a Service officer. The date of application for adjustment of status is the closing date for computing the residence and physical presence requirement. The applicant must have complied with all requirements as of the date of application.

(b) Documentation. All documents must be submitted in accordance with § 103.2(b) of this chapter. The application shall be accompanied by documentary evidence establishing the aggregate residence and physical presence required. Documentary evidence may include official employment verification, records of official or personnel transactions or recordings of events occurring during the period of claimed residence and physical presence. Affidavits of credible witnesses may also be accepted. Persons unable to furnish evidence in their own names may furnish evidence in the names of parents or other persons with whom they have been living if affidavits of the parents or other persons are submitted attesting to the claimed residence and physical presence. The claimed family relationship to the principle G–4 international organization officer or employee must be substantiated by the submission of verifiable civil documents.

(c) Residence and physical presence requirements. All applicants applying under sections 101(a)(27)(I) (i), (ii), and (iii) of the INA must have resided and been physically present in the United States for a designated period of time.

For purposes of this section only, an absence from the United States to conduct official business on behalf of the employing organization, or approved customary leave shall not be subtracted from the aggregated period of required residence or physical presence for the current or former G–4 officer or employee or the accompanying spouse and unmarried sons or daughters of such officer or employee, provided residence in the United States is maintained during such absences, and the duty station of the principle G–4 nonimmigrant continues to be in the United States. Absence from the United States by the G–4 spouse or unmarried son or daughter without the principle G–4 shall not be subtracted from the aggregate period of residence and physical presence if on customary leave as recognized by the international organization employer. Absence by the unmarried son or daughter while enrolled in a school outside the United States will not be counted toward the physical presence requirement.

(d) Maintenance of nonimmigrant status. Section 101(a)(27)(I) (i), and (ii) requires the applicant to accrue the required period of residence and physical presence in the United States while maintaining status as a G–4 or N nonimmigrant. Section 101(a)(27)(I)(iii) requires such time accrued only in G–4 nonimmigrant status.

Maintaining G–4 status for this purpose is defined as maintaining qualified employment with a “G” international organization or maintaining the qualifying family relationship with the G–4 international organization officer or employee. Maintaining status as an N nonimmigrant for this purpose requires the qualifying family relationship to remain in effect. Unauthorized employment will not remove an otherwise eligible alien from G–4 status for residence and physical presence requirements, provided the qualifying G–4 status is maintained

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