Extension or Change of Status Due to Unforeseen Circumstances

If you find yourself unable to depart as planned due to unforeseen circumstances, you have the option to extend or change your status while providing an explanation for the delay. It's crucial to apply for this extension or change before your authorized period of admission expires. If the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances beyond your control, USCIS may excuse the tardiness. 

The 60-day grace period serves as a buffer for nonimmigrant workers in specific categories to maintain their nonimmigrant status. Alternatively, during this grace period, workers can request a change of status, allowing them to continue job searching within the United States even if their current nonimmigrant status expires. This is permissible as long as a nonfrivolous application for a change to a new nonimmigrant status is timely filed, enabling the worker to remain in an authorized period of stay. 


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