Donald Trump Immigration Crackdown

Donald Trump has promised that he will launch an unprecedented crackdown on immigration and even conduct mass deportations if he returns to the White House. Trump recently told Time that he aims to deport 15 – 20 million people, possibly by using the National Guard.

Economists are worried that Trump’s plan on immigration crackdown would backfire on the economy by worsening worker shortages and reigniting and forcing the Federal Reserve to keep borrowing costs high for longer.

Economists say the immigration spike has also played a major role in one of the big positive surprises of the past few years. The Hamilton Project paper estimates sustainable employment growth will be between 160,000 and 200,000 per month in 2024. Which would be double of what could have been possible before the surge of immigration.

Overall, mass deportation would only cause the economy to take a bigger hit than it has in previous years while not solving any of the issues it intends to fix economists say. Immigration has caused to economy to prosper and allowed it to far surpass what most people predicted.

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