Credible Fear Interviews

​Families who arrived to the US border seeking protection were automatically put in expedited removal. But now, the Biden Administration is allowing families who arrive at the border seeking protection a chance to explain to officers why they fear to return back to their home countries. ‘The new policy indicates that those families who tell CBP officials they are afraid to return home will be taken out of the expedited removal process. They will then get to pursue their protection claims before the immigration court outside of detention. This means that, unlike in previous years, the Biden administration will not send families who express a fear of return to detention centers for so-called “credible fear” interviews’.

​​Allowing them to express how they feel and why they fear to return home has brought light to this issue. During Trumps administration, many individuals were not allow to express why they were afraid to return to their home country but now, many families will have that opportunity amongst an immigration court

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