ICE Deports US Citizens

Between 2015-2020 it has been known that ICE has deported 674 potential US citizens back to their countries by mistake. It is proven that ICE nor border customs have an exact number as to how many individuals that are citizens have been mistakenly been sent back to their countries.

​According to a recent article posted by Immigration Impact, it is likely there are 2 major flaws that could explain why this continues to happen. This is due to a lack of training materials from Immigration. “ICE policy requires officers to work alongside or consult with a supervisor when questioning people who claim they are U.S. citizens. Despite this overall policy, ICE training materials say officers are free to interview such individuals alone. This discrepancy between ICE’s policy and training materials leaves room for low-level officers to make incredibly consequential decisions without a supervisor present”. This is an issue that needs to be rectified; it can cause long term harm to families and individuals.

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