Covid-19 and Immigrants

The immigration system has faced many struggles but not as many as it has been facing recently due to the pandemic. ICE has continued to mistreat immigrants while in custody and fail to give them the proper care when they are sick. According to a recent article published by Immigration Impact, “As of October 22, ICE confirmed a total of 6,743 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed across 99 facilities since the pandemic began in March. 661 people who have active cases remain in ICE custody across 57 detention centers, with people either being monitored or placed in isolation”. There have been many other confirmed cases of people contracting the virus but it has simply not been brought to light.

It almost seems as if though ICE does not want to admit how many cases they are actually dealing with in detention centers. It is understandable covid-19 testing is not as accessible as it should be, however, taking the proper precautions to prevent the spread of the virus should be implemented especially in ICE detention centers where women, men and children are being held in.

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