As of December 12, 2022, USCIS announced that they extend the validity of permanent resident cards (green cards) who have applied for naturalization.

This statement will help citizenship applicants who face longer processing times, since they will receive an automatic extension of their permanent resident card and do not need to apply for application to renew green card. Green card holders who applied for their naturalization application will receive extension on their green card even if they don’t apply for green card renewal.

Before this change, citizenship applicants who did not apply for their naturalization at least six months before their green card’s expiration date, needed to file for green card renewal to keep their legal lawful status in the US. Applicants who applied for their naturalization at least 6 months before their green card expiration, were eligible to receive a stamp on their passport which served as a temporary legal permanent resident status.

This new policy whit the current processing times, will help USCIS by reducing the number of stamp appointments in USCIS field offices and the number of green card renewal applications.

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