Proposed Asylum Changes by Biden Administration

The Biden Administration this month has announced new to plans to help speed up asylum proceedings and quickly remove those who do not qualify. Critics are saying this is very similar to Trump’s Title 42. An order that allowed immigration officers to expel migrants very quickly before they could even request for asylum.

In announcing this new process, the DOJ(Department of Justice) and the Department of Homeland Security said that they would grant protections and/or immigration relief to noncitizens with claims of validity.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has said that the Congress is the only one that can “fix our broken immigration system”. Mayorkas also stated “This administrative step is no substitute for the sweeping and much-needed changes that the bipartisan Senate bill would deliver, but in the absence of Congressional action we will do what we can to most effectively enforce the law and discourage irregular migration,”

The screening processing being a lot faster will make it harder for migrants to get any kind of legal representation in a timely fashion. Statistically it is 8x more likely for a person to win an asylum case in immigration court when they have an attorney to represent them.

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