Latino Leaders Slam Trump’s Debate Claims on Immigration

The Latino advocacy groups decided to rally against Donald Trump due to his comments on immigration that he had voiced during the first presidential debate. Trump's claim that undocumented migrants from foreign jails are being "dumped" into the U.S. and turning around to commit crimes has been particularly denounced by Latino advocacy groups as harmful rhetoric and unwarranted. They pointed to research indicating that immigrants do not have higher crime rates than native-born, marveling at how Trump's remarks misleadingly feed xenophobia. The leaders criticized President Biden for allowing Trump to get away with many falsehoods during the debate and not effectively countering them, saying misinformation ran wild because there wasn't a strong counter to it.

Basically, their statement calls for a better-informed and balanced discourse of immigration, anchored on fact and not on fear-mongering. Handling immigration matters with much compassion, understanding, and talking about what immigrants really did for the U.S. economy and society in general is the subtext. Through these rebuttals, Latino leaders seek to shift the dialog toward a more constructive and truthful debate about policy approaches to immigration and their consequences in both U.S. immigrant communities and American communities.

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