Iowa New Immigration Law

The U.S. Department of Justice has told Iowa’s officials that it plans to sue the state over a new law that will make it a crime for a person to be in Iowa if they have been previously denied admission to the U.S.

The DOJ says this statute interferes with the federal government’s authority to enforce immigration laws. They have already sued Texas to try and stop a similar law that is trying to be passed there.

The DOJ will sue on May 7 unless the state agrees according to a letter sent May 2nd. Attorney General Brenna Bird indicated Friday that the state is most likely not going to agree with the federal terms.

This law which will go effect on July 1, will allow criminal charges to be brought to people who have been removed or denied admission to the United States. If in custody, the migrants will have to decide between agreeing to a judge’s orders of leaving the U.S. or to be prosecuted under Iowa Law

-Yasir Farhad

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