Ice moves quicker to detain immigrants without court hearings

In recent news the Trump administration has made it so immigrants are deported faster; the new rule allows agents from ICE to expedite deportations without taking into consideration their story.

According to an article posted by CBS news, “Before the enactment of the new policy, which had been held up in federal court until last month, immigration authorities were only allowed to use expedited removal on immigrants apprehended within 100 miles from an international border who failed to demonstrate they legally entered the country and had been in the U.S. for at least two weeks”. Now even those who are able to show legal entry are still at risk of getting deported.

With the new regulations going into effect and changing the immigration system many are risking getting deported without having the opportunity to tell their stories. The increase of enforcement with ICE is unnecessary and should not be allowed to be used against immigrants.

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