Detention Camps for Illegal Immigrants proposed by Trump

Around half of the U.S. voters oppose putting illegal immigrants into detention camps while they await deportation, shown by a new Reuters/Ipsos poll. Suggesting that Americans are wary of harsher enforcement plans that Donald Trump is considering.

54% of registered voters opposed the use of detention and 10% stated they did not know or did not want to respond. While still 56% said most or all illegal immigrants in the U.S. should be deported.

Donald Trump for his reelection campaign has made cracking down on illegal immigration the center of his campaign against Joe Biden. New York Times also reported last year that former President Trump, if reelected planned to build large camps to hold immigrants who are pending deportation.

Trump has stated that he would consider using camps but that “there wouldn’t be that much of a need”, as he plans on deporting people as quickly as possible.

ICE has stepped up deportations at the end of last year, 66,000 people were removed from Oct 1st through Dec 31st 2023 according to agency statistics. This was a far more aggressive pace than any other year under Biden.

Overall, people in the United States seem to be calling for deportation in a larger majority but also not wanting to put people in detention camps as it is not seen in a positive light or considered humane.

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