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House Democrats are freaking out over President Biden’s new asylum policies which they say are Trumpian. The new executive order is supposed to control the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border by making asylum seekers jump through more hoops, including applying for protection in other countries before getting to the U.S. The goal is to reduce illegal crossings and manage the border better.

Democrats in the party are saying these policies undermine U.S. asylum laws and put vulnerable populations at risk. They point out that this will force migrants to stay in unsafe conditions in other countries while waiting for their asylum claims. This is, they say, the opposite of what the U.S. asylum system is supposed to do which is to protect those fleeing persecution and violence.

Despite the pushback, the administration is standing by the policy as a necessary step to get the border under control. Officials say the changes are needed to deter illegal crossings and make the immigration system work and be fair. They say the policy has humanitarian exceptions like protections for unaccompanied children and those facing imminent harm.

The controversy is part of the broader debate within the Democratic Party over immigration policy. As the administration tries to balance enforcement with compassion it has to address both the immediate border security concerns and the long term need for comprehensive immigration reform. House Democrats are pushing for policies that protect asylum seekers while also national security and border management.

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