Conditions in Border Facilities Deny Asylum Seekers Meaningful Screening Interviews

The way asylum seekers are being kept in the immigration detention centers has been a dilemma and well talked about in the past. Before asylees get approved to come to the U.S they must go through an initial screening while in CBP custody which will determine whether the individual will be able to pursue their asylum claims or will be deported. But the conditions in which they are being held in makes it undeniably harder for them to wait to know what their outcome will be.

Many prior detainees describe the center as heilera referred to as “iceboxes” because of how cold the place is. It a very inhumane situation to put these individuals in a risky settlement where they are at risk of danger. As mentioned previously, many of them come to the U.S in hopes of a new life and resettlement. Many suffered through trauma, violence, abuse and have either mental or physical abuse. It is very difficult for these individuals to undergo more trauma aside from the trauma they are already fleeing.

Many of these facilities are not designed to allow asylees to contact or speak to their attorneys but they have all the rights to be able to access and consult with their attorney before initial interviews in order to prepare for their court dates.

This is a cry for help; this situation has been ongoing, and the government should not continue to allow this to happen. Asylum seekers should be treated with respect and dignity because after all they are seeking for help and a better life in the United States. They should not be subject to mistreat and humiliation they have rights and they should be treated as so.

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