Citizenship Resources

The Citizenship Resource Center offers a wealth of valuable resources and study materials catering to diverse user groups, such as:

  1. Immigrants Aspiring for U.S. Citizenship: Lawful permanent residents (LPRs) seeking to become U.S. citizens will discover a comprehensive repository of information. This includes insights into the naturalization process, eligibility prerequisites, and study materials that equip them for the naturalization interview and test.
  2. Educators Dedicated to Empowering Learners: Educators, including teachers, volunteers, and program administrators, hold a crucial role in preparing learners. The resource center provides a plethora of classroom materials and educational aids. Educators can also explore available USCIS training seminars, specifically tailored to bolster their skills in teaching U.S. history, civics, and the intricacies of the naturalization process to immigrant students.
  3. Organizations Committed to Immigrant Integration: Whether an organization is at the inception of its mission to aid immigrants on their path to citizenship or is a seasoned service provider, the center offers an array of resources to amplify their overall efforts and programs. These resources are designed to enhance the support provided to immigrants in their journey towards citizenship and seamless integration into American civic society.

The Citizenship Resource Center operates under the guidance of the Office of Citizenship, which is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the naturalization process. To delve deeper into the mission and initiatives of the Office of Citizenship, further information is available.

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