Agreement Between The United States and Costa Rica will Aim to Manage Region Flows

The United States government is planning to open legal pathways for Nicaraguan and Venezuelan migrants that are awaiting asylum in the Central American Country.

Costa Rica is one of the world's largest receptors of asylum requests which is why the number of applications has created a backlog. They aim to help take the pressure off Costa Rica's staggering asylum system and help the asylum seekers trust in the process instead of setting off to the U.S Border.

The Public Security Minister, Mario Zamora didn't mention how many people out of the 240,000 awaiting asylum will be eligible to apply for the U.S pathways but that only pending asylum applicants from Venezuela and Nicaragua will be considered. He also mentioned that the refugee agencies and the United Nations immigration will compose a list of those who will be eligible and that they would process about 1,000 cases per month.

Over 300,000 immigrants will be extended temporary legal status in the U.S

On Tuesday, it was announced that the U.S. government will extend more than 300,000 immigrants temporary legal status. The Trump administration targeted these immigrants' deportation protections and work permits and now the Biden administration will allow for about 337,000 immigrants from Nicaragua, Nepal, Honduras, and El Salvador, to continue living and working in the U.S. under the Temporary Protected Status Program.

The Trump administration had tried to end most TPS programs in these four countries arguing that prior administrations had abused the authority, but the Biden administration put an end to those ideas in federal court and will grant a temporary reprieve to those enrolled in the program currently. Everyone who held TPS status in 2017 now has their status restored.

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