Immigration Impact

In a recent article by Immigration Impact, it said that though the government was not properly prepared to track the separations of migrant families they still went ahead with making these separations happen.

This idea first came to light when the Trump Administration said they would implement the Zero Tolerance Policy for any immigrant individual that would cross the border illegally, these individuals would then be prosecuted and charged with unlawful entry to the United states. However, in 2017 in El Paso, Texas; were the first to begin this law yet the agency failed to wait until the day the policy would be officially implemented to begin the separation of migrant families.

This action was highly criticized by those in advocacy groups because this was a cruel act that was being used to simply attempt to stop people from seeking help in the United States. According to a report by the Department of Homeland Security, in 2017 when they first began this system, the technology was not yet set to properly track the number of families that were being separated which led to a number of mistakes and number of separated families that did not know where their family members would be sent too.

According to the article, CPB (U.S Customs and Border Patrol) reported to have separated 3,000 children from their families during the time that the policy was already implemented under Trumps Administration. This issue has been a major trauma to the families and children involved in this policy. Reportedly, it was projected to separate five times more families during this time, meaning they did not meet the goal and still want to proceed with this cruel act without the proper technology to track down exactly how many families are being parted from each other.

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