Health in Detention Centers

It is known that many individuals who are detained in detention centers do not get the proper care when sick. This issue escalated worse when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the United States because this meant that people who were detained were at larger risk of contracting the virus.

In a recent article publish by Immigration Impact, a nurse who previously worked at one of the detention centers in Georgia stated that the center refused to provide people with the proper care and refused staff from wearing the proper protective gear for safety. “Wooten also states that the facility underreported cases, refused to test detained individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, hoarded PPE for high-ranking staff, and locked away their two testing machines. She reports that medical staff tore up requests for medical appointments, falsified temperatures, and failed to follow up on test results”. If this is really occurring the government should be concerned and should take some kind of action to prevent this from occurring. However, the issue does not end there, according to this nurse, many women were getting hysterectomies without their knowledge. Many women reported the gynecologist removing ovaries that weren’t the bad ones and getting procedures done without getting an explanation as to why they were getting that done.

This raises many concerns and makes us wonder if the United States is doing this to force sterilization and stop the increase of children being born to undocumented individuals. If these accusations are real, the government needs to take action to stop neglecting detained individuals with the proper health care.

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