Democrats are increasingly doubling down on border bill

Democrats are increasingly doubling down on border bill; certain progressives are growing uneasy. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is ready to put Republicans on defense with a vote on a bipartisan border bill. Not every Democrat is so excited about this.

Schumer has recently announced that he would revive a border bill that died in the Senate last February after Donald Trump nixed what was starting to look like a compromise for Democrats in exchange for funding to Ukraine. The measure would make it harder to apply for asylum and easier for the government to impose new border restrictions. This bill was rejected by all but 4 Republicans in a procedural vote.

The White House and the bill’s supporters accuse the Republican part of deliberately refusing to fix the border in response and are hoping a new vote on the topic will help make the contrast even clearer.

Senator Alex Padilla is opposed to the bill and in February spoke about the frustrations that the newly revived proposal does and how it doesn’t address adding pathways to citizenship especially for DREAMers, a component of prior bipartisan talks on major border changes.

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