USCIS Awards Nearly $20 Million in Citizenship and Integration Grants 2/2

USCIS Grants Allocated Through Four Distinct Opportunities

USCIS has disbursed grants via four competitive funding avenues, addressing diverse facets of citizenship preparation and integration services for immigrants.

  1. Citizenship Instruction and Naturalization Application Services:
    • This opportunity finances public or nonprofit organizations providing citizenship instruction and naturalization application services.
    • USCIS has granted $300,000 each to 48 organizations for a two-year period, fostering comprehensive support.
  2. Community and Regional Integration Network Grant:
    • This grant focuses on extended integration services, tailoring programs for specific immigrant groups, including those under the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, asylees, and Cuban or Haitian entrants.
    • Expanded eligibility now includes individuals under Special Immigrant Visas, victims of trafficking and criminal activity, and those protected by the Violence Against Women Act.
    • USCIS has awarded three organizations, well-versed in serving vulnerable populations, with $300,000 each over two years.
  3. Regional Hub Program:
    • A novel initiative, this grant supports regional or statewide citizenship support networks, enhancing their capacity to provide direct services to immigrants.
    • Recipients are expected to act as communication hubs, facilitating information sharing on citizenship preparation.
    • USCIS has granted $1,000,000 each to three organizations for a two-year term.
  4. Innovations in Citizenship Education Program:
    • This innovative grant opportunity promotes creative approaches to naturalization preparation and encourages the cultural, linguistic, and civic integration of immigrants.
    • USCIS has awarded 12 organizations up to $250,000 each for a two-year period, fostering inventive solutions.

In the selection process, USCIS considered the past performance of grantees where applicable, ensuring effective use of resources. For comprehensive details on the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program for FY 2022, interested parties can visit or reach out to the USCIS Office of Citizenship via email at [email protected]. These initiatives underscore USCIS's commitment to diverse and innovative strategies to enhance the citizenship journey for immigrants.

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