Relief for Asylum Seekers

Recently the Biden Administration announced that asylum seekers who were deported back to their countries under Trump Administration would be admitted into the United States to proceed with their proceedings. This means that all those who were deported back to Mexico, will now have a second chance to seek help in the United States. According to the article posted by Immigration Impact, “It’s estimated U.S. officials sent roughly 70,000 people who came to the United States to ask for asylum back to Mexico over the course of two years. Many were from Central American countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Once on the Mexico side of the border, they were forced to wait in dangerous situations, including some who had to live in overcrowded tent camps”.

During the times these people were forced to stay in Mexico, they were mistreated and it was near impossible for them to get a hold of an attorney to help with their asylum courts, which then would result in an immediate deportation order. Now that Biden terminated these rule individuals have a second chance at life. It comes to a relief to many of those who are awaiting a court hearing.

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