Jacumba Border Patrol

The Jacumba Hot Springs, California, portion of the US-Mexico border has become a gateway for migrants crossing from countries as diverse as Colombia and Jordan, among others. Families, many with small children, are relegated to difficult conditions while they wait to be processed by the Border Patrol. The Biden administration has announced new strict limits on asylum in an effort to discourage dangerous illegal crossings. The origins of the migrants are varied, a sign of the change from the formerly high number of Mexican and Central American migrants to an increasingly international demographic.

Residents, such as Karen Parker, in Jacumba Hot Springs have been trying to help out by supplying water, snacks, and medical supplies to those who wait. Despite these efforts at helping the community, certainly with increasing numbers, there are tremendous challenges. The situation has also stirred political debate, as Republicans point to the increased crossings as a point of contention over Biden's weak immigration policies. Announcing those changes, the Biden administration hopes new measures it's taken will, at best, alleviate pressure on border facilities by improving conditions of migrants—particularly the vulnerable groups, such as unaccompanied children.

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