Delays and Case Backlogs with USCIS

Since 2020, USCIS faces a long backlog with the pending cases. Many immigrants were not able to receive their immigration benefits. Even processing times in USCIS have been increasing since covid started.

Delays and long processing times with USCIS can be very frustrating for immigrants since many of them applied for work permit renewals and processing times are very long. Some immigrants even lost their job due to not having valid work authorization documents. Over the past few years these long processing times have gotten worse. These delays grew during the Trump administration from granting benefits to enforcement. Many immigration benefits have been restricted due to the new policies.

For example, processing times for I-730 applications in USCIS’s website was 7.9 month in 2017, but they increased it to 28 months in 2022. Delays and long processing times with cases that are pending with USCIS. Moreover, the processing times for waivers of grounds of inadmissibility, decisions on visas for victims of crimes, work authorizations increased significantly.

Congress should find solutions for legal immigrants, since the current situation and immigration laws do not meet the nation’s labor needs and humanitarian aspirations.

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