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The Biden presidency administration has also just announced the latest steps into addressing the long-standing issues on the U.S.-Mexico border. The latest executive orders and policies are designed for the purposes of handling the flow of migrants and implementing an orderly and secure process for aspirants seeking asylum in the United States. This includes the increased Cypress and alterations in the criteria of the eligibility of asylum that involved political and legal debates.

Among the key ingredients of these new measures is the trigger mechanism, setting a temporary halt to asylum applications if illegal crossings above a threshold continue for a specified period of time, so as to keep the number of migrants under check and not allow overwhelming of the border facilities. The administration stated that it was necessary for the upkeep of secure borders through judicious management of resources.

The policies, critics say-activists for immigration and even some political allies-violate international asylum laws and place migrants in greater danger. The steps are alike compared to the ones applied during the Trump period and none of them try to trace the actual causes of migration-the critics argue. Activists demand deeper changes in the US immigration policy that would incorporate protection of vulnerable social groups and respond to humanitarian challenges.

Yet, despite the furor, the administration insists that it is still right on course based on the creation and implementation of balanced policies that effectively seal up the borders from the penetration of illegal aliens and, simultaneously meet the expectations of humanitarian law. This set of immigration policies is to continue being molded by legal challenges and political disposition just as the administration's evidence that it can indeed keep up with the border crisis.

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