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President Biden has released a fresh order to regulate the movement across the U.S.-Mexico border. Its purpose is to allow those in power to close asylum seekers out temporarily once their number exceeds seven days in succession while making a staggering 2,500+ crossings daily. It is intended to stop illegal migration and uphold law along the border.

In order to address the asylum seeker issue, the executive order provides details on how it will be addressed. Except where they are unaccompanied children or victims of trafficking, all persons who come across US borders without doing so through designated channels will face deportation if caught during the shutdown. The administration is trying to strike a balance between enforcement that is tough but humane.

There has been criticism coming from both immigration advocates as well as some of President Biden’s political friends concerning the order. They say that the action breaks American refugee laws and endangers the immigrants by requiring them to remain in dangerous conditions while in Mexico this is wrong because we allow asylum right.

Amidst the controversy, it is essential for the management of the border crisis that the measure is taken, argues the administration. Being just one aspect of a larger plan aimed at grappling with immigration intricacies as well as streamlining operations at the southern borders, this directive would be unavoidable according to them. However, dealing humanely with immigrants proves as difficult task as preventing illegal immigration and caring for refugees pose their own set of problems.

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