Border Crossings and Biden’s Policy

According to a Politico article, the Biden administration has seen a remarkable decline in illegal border crossing numbers at the U.S.-Mexico border, credited to his new asylum policy. That very policy had been blocked recently by the U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar ruled that it was "arbitrary and capricious." Legal challenges to the rule have gone exactly the same way as that of the Trump-era transit ban, aimed at discouraging illegal entries by obliging asylum seekers to apply at ports of entry or in countries they pass through. Its legal fate appeared to come in spite of an apparent policy success in reducing crossings, as the administration does plan on appealing the ruling.

The more holistic approach of the administration in balancing increased penalties against illegal entry with the creation of more legal avenues has contributed to a sharp 70 percent decrease in illegal border crossings since the end of Title 42. There are still tears within the internal machinery that without comprehensive immigration reform, progress would be long-term in nature. That tone of cautious optimism reflects the wild swings in immigration issues and a political and legal fight that is far from over for the administration's policies.

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