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Posts tagged "U.S. Immigration Law"

Trying to comply with US immigration law leads to man's arrest

Numerous people face a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty when it comes to their immigration status. Unfortunately, U.S. immigration law is complicated, and even when parties think they are complying with the law, they could end up facing negative repercussions. In some scenarios, they could even be arrested or deported.

US immigration law may allow deported parents' kids to be adopted

No one in California or elsewhere wants to lose a child under any circumstances. However, many immigrants who came into the country through illegal means found themselves separated from their children at the border. A number of those parents were even deported from the country while their children were kept in the United States. Now, U.S. immigration law may allow those children to be put up for adoption.

US immigration law: Waivers may help some looking to obtain visas

Some people may come to California or other parts of the United States without following the proper immigration steps. Still, they may build lives here and even find love that results in their marrying U.S. citizens. While marrying a citizen can impact a person's immigration status, a waiver may be needed under U.S. immigration law if the person has an unlawful presence in the country and hopes to obtain a visa.

Potential caregivers detained for US immigration law violations

The fact that children of individuals looking to enter the United States have been separated from their parents and detained is not particularly new information. Many parents and other family members have struggled with this situation, and numerous children have been left without their loved ones. Though individuals can come forward to provide care for these undocumented children, officials are now reportedly using that opportunity to detain individuals in violation of U.S. immigration law.

Tips for staying on the right side of U.S. immigration law

Immigrating to the United States is a goal of many people. Of course, it is not an easy journey to take as there are many particular steps to address in regard to U.S. immigration law. Luckily, individuals in California and elsewhere can make efforts to help themselves along the way.

Proposal to change US immigration law may affect millions

Many people need some type of welfare assistance at some point in their lives, including immigrants legally living in California and other parts of the country. People with disabilities, financial struggles and other difficulties often need to make use of public assistance programs in order to meet their needs. However, potential changes to U.S. immigration law relating to these programs could affect individuals' attempts to obtain citizenship.

US immigration law: Citizens can help relatives come to US

Living in California and other parts of the United States allows many people to live out their dream lives. Often, individuals come from other countries and gain citizenship in order to make the U.S. their permanent homes. Of course, they may miss their family members who still live abroad, and they may want to find out information on U.S. immigration law and how to help a particular loved one immigrate to the country.

Changes to US immigration law may affect visa denials

Many people seek visas in hopes of entering California and other parts of the United States for a variety of reasons. Of course, the process for obtaining a visa is not always easy, and U.S. immigration law can often make the entire journey a complicated one. If individuals do not understand the laws surrounding their applications and changes made, they may end up making mistakes or facing denials.

US immigration law greatly impacts families

Moving to a new country can be a scary and long process. For some individuals who are in danger or are facing other difficult circumstances in their homelands, they may not have time to fully plan their efforts to enter the United States. As a result, they may end up detained by officials for violations of U.S. immigration law.

U.S. immigration law enforcement may not always seem right

Immigration has many tricky areas. Even individuals who want to legally enter and live in California and other parts of the United States can have a difficult time navigating the process. Unfortunately, some individuals can face serious issues due to certain aspects of U.S. immigration law, and they may need legal assistance in order to address their situations.

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