Play By A New Set Of Rules

On behalf of of Yasrebi Law posted in u.s. immigration law on Friday, November 10, 2017.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has always been tough. In the past year, however, the agency has been behaving in a capricious and cruel manner, according to a report on HBO's VICE News Tonight

Many immigrants report on a regular basis with ICE. These check-ins were normal, "a formality." Since the new presidential administration began, however, these routine meetings have become sources of high anxiety for many immigrants.


There have been numerous reports of immigrants going to their check-ins with no changes to their status and being arrested and quickly deported. (Even bringing a lawyer with you is no guarantee against a negative outcome, though it may very well help.)

These are not cases involving criminal charges. Individuals are arrested, made to surrender their personal belongings, and detained for months prior to removal.

A spokesperson for ICE is quoted in the report saying that about 94,000 immigrants with pending cases have been released from detention on "orders of supervision." But that number doesn't begin to include individuals who come in for routine check-ins. That number may be as high as 2.2 million individuals placed on "custodial supervision" by ICE.

These people on custodial supervision are not detained. Few of them face criminal charges. But their lives just became a lot more complicated. They are put on a schedule of check-ins, which they must not miss, and must often wear an ankle monitor.

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