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Trump administration starts evaluating border wall prototypes

The Trump administration is moving forward with its efforts to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. President Donald Trump has long vowed to build a border wall as part of his goal to stop undocumented immigrants from entering the country illegally. Newsweek reports that the next step has been taken as U.S. Customs and Border Protection is testing prototypes of the wall in San Diego.

So what are the wall prototypes made out of? How is CBP testing them? Read below to find out more about these exercises and how the end result may affect Mexican immigrants coming to America.

Prototypes built

The prototypes constructed in San Diego in October are currently undergoing rigorous testing. Six different businesses built the samples. All the prototypes are between 18 and 30 feet high and are at least six feet underground. They consist of concrete and various other materials.

Testing underway

In order to determine which wall they will move forward with, the Trump administration is having CBP evaluate the efficacy of each sample. The testing began on November 27 and will last one to two months. The tests include using jackhammers, hydraulic tools and saws to attempt to breach the walls. Evaluations also include scaling attempts with hooks and ropes. The testing will not involve any explosives, drones or vehicles. 

Statistical factors

Despite the continuing efforts by the Trump administration to construct this border wall, statistics suggest it is not an urgent endeavor. According to a report by immigration officials, there were only 310,531 arrests made at the border during the most recent fiscal year, which is 25 percent lower than the previous year. 

As the border wall samples undergo testing for breaches and durability, many people have growing concerns about how the wall may affect immigration if it is built. The wall and other Trump administration policies may affect people seeking citizenship, visas and green cards.

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