Reuniting Families Through Immigration

At Yasrebi Law, we enjoy the work we do — especially when it involves bringing family members together through immigration law. We see the value in our work when the long process is complete and families are reunited.

Generally speaking, U.S. immigration law places a preference on family relationships for immigration purposes. Immediate family members, especially spouses and children of U.S. citizens can find the process easier than other extended family members.

Regardless of the family relationship, we can help you navigate the immigration process for your family member. Our lawyers have legal expertise both on a personal and professional level with family immigration and empathize with the struggle to meet the immigration obstacles you face along the way.

A Path To Permanent Residency And Citizenship

Obtaining a family-based visa is often a step toward eventually obtaining a green card or the naturalization process. Whether you seek a spouse visa, a child visa or a fiancé visa, we can assist your family approach the immigration process with the end goal as our focus.

Our lawyers can consult with you to decide whether an IR-1, IR-2, IR-3, IR-4, IR-5, F-1, F-2, F-3 or F-4 is the appropriate visa for your family member.

We offer free initial consultations because we believe that nobody should pay just to know their options.

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